Hittite Trekking Routes

Hittite Trekking Routes


Yazar: Ersin Demirel

Marka: Hil Yayınları

Basım Tarihi: 2015

Sayfa Sayısı: 157

Boyut: 14.0 x 20.0 cm




Ürün Açıklaması

It is very difficult to understand humanity in the modern world and discover ourselves without breathing the air of those remote places that we turn our backs to in city life, which we yet find ourselves thinking of. All we need to look at the world through new eyes is a sense of adventure and a pair of trekking shoes, and Hitite Trekking Routes provides an ideal start.

Traversing the ancient cities that witnessed the magnificent history of the Hittite civilazition, the Hittite trekking routes generously provides modern explorers with the surprising natural beauties and cultural and ethnic diversity of Central Anatolia. With its archaeological sites and ancient cities, the city of Çorum, where the Hitite trekking routes are located, continues to illıminate the past of Anatolia, the land that has been home to the oldest civilizations of the world.

Among the subjest of this guidebook are Çorum, day treks, Hittites, Hattuşa, cycling, camping, Alacahöyük and the İncesu Canyon.

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